1930's Papier maché Clown carnival mask

Collection of vintage wax mannequin heads from different museums

Papier Maché Carnival Mask Of A Pig

French 1950's papier maché Skittles game

Big old taxidermy armadillo

vintage anatomical model of the jaw

Painted cast iron hunting lodge sign circa 1950s

Victorian era wax death mask of a criminal

Frysian bucket with hand painted image of a dentist

1930's Dutch plaster anatomical model of the eye

Early 20th century Swiss grotesque Gnome nutcracker

Pair of massive carved oak wall brackets of fools

Anatomical human head model, cross-section

Massive sculpture of a gallant nobleman

Papier Maché Carnival Mask Of a gentleman with spectacles

Antique Pair of brass Bacchus or Satyr-style wall brackets

Late 19th century pair of painted brewery advertising figures

Pair of bronze sphinx andirons

Lay mannequin

Early 20th century Grotesque bronze inkwell in the form of an imp

Pair of Bronze Figural bookends, signed "Carlier"

1960's Papier maché German carnival mask

Bronze sculpture of a hunchback servant

Papier maché carnival mask of an army officer

French Passe Boules Tossing Game "Knight"

19th century American figural whirligig

Early 20th century papier maché "Pierrot" Passe Boules

Bronze sculpture of a bear with a bag

Vintage hard plastic anatomical model of a head

Mid 20th century plaster anatomical model of the head

Papier Maché Carnival Mask of a smiling man

Papier Maché Carnival Mask Of A clown

French target shooting game by Saussine

Papier Maché Carnival Mask Of A Prussian officer

Papier Maché Carnival Mask Of A baby

Pair of bobblehead papier maché box covers

P.L.M. French railroads commemorative sculpture

19th century meiji memento mori humidor

Pair of bronze duellists by Emile Guillemin

Sculpture of a piper in ivory